Our history – Vasa 1628

The incredible story of the world’s oldest liquor begins on August 10th, 1628. The Swedish king Gustav II Adolf’s new mighty warship Vasa leaves Stockholm harbour for her maiden voyage. But she is misconstructed and capsizes after a few hundred metres.

Gustav II Adolf

A liquor bottle follows the ship down to the depths and settles amid gunpowder, cannons and skeletons for 333 years. But in 1961, when the ship is salvaged, so is the bottle. And item no: 02559 is brought to the surface again.

The bottle has been a secret to the public since then. But with the help of one drop, we have recreated the recipe from 1628. The result is an anise flavoured superior wine distillate with a hint of history.

Recreated based on unique historical findings. In cooperation with the Vasa rediviva foundation. To spread the story about the warship Vasa.